Important Title IX Info from PFLAG National

Important Title IX Info from PFLAG National

In light of Monday’s decision by the Supreme Court not to hear Gavin Grimm’s case, I wanted to share with you this especially timely note from retired university president and PFLAG National Board member Chuck Middleton.

From the desk of…

Charles R. Middleton, Ph.D.

Retired University President

Why Title IX, the federal law which prohibits sex discrimination in schools, matters to all of us

After five decades working in higher education, including 13 years as president of a private university in the third-largest city in America, there’s one thing I know: fear and lack of understanding can create an environment that compromises safety and inhibits learning. This is just one reason why Title IX protections are especially important to LGBTQ students. All students should be assured that their safety and protections against discrimination are unquestionably guaranteed.

As the country’s first openly gay male university president, I am acutely aware of what it’s like to be marginalized and discriminated against. It’s remarkable how instinctively cautious you remain on personal matters, even when there is broader acceptance in society at large, if you learn early in your life that sharing your truth has potentially bad consequences for you personally as well as professionally. Imagine the stories our children are writing today when they have to fight for basic rights and dignities that everyone else takes for granted. Their bravery in standing up for their rights is truly inspirational. Now, they need our help.

I’m so proud of the work PFLAG is doing, specifically around Title IX and ensuring that all students, parents, teachers, coaches – everyone! – understands and knows how to #ClaimYourRights on behalf of the students they care about. Whether you’re transgender, gender expansive, know a student who is, or you want to ensure that your school or university is doing the right thing, visit to learn about this initiative which will ensure no student ever has to choose between getting an education and their personal safety.

Best always,

Charles R. Middleton, PFLAG National Board Member

Beth Kohm

PFLAG National
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PFLAG National Statement: URGENT: Rescinding of Trans Guidance for Students

PFLAG National Statement: URGENT: Rescinding of Trans Guidance for Students

We need to share some disturbing news: There is a real possibility that the life-saving Title IX nondiscrimination guidance to protect transgender students might be rescinded.

We have neither commented on nor responded to rumors in the past month, but this time it’s different. This is more than needless chaos; even just considering this action is harmful to vulnerable kids. We do not and will not accept these games as a new normal, not when the emotional and physical safety and lives of transgender kids are at stake.

The latest National School Climate Survey punctuates the real preventable dangers that so many vulnerable transgender youth face at school every day; the Title IX guidance is life-saving to them. The nondiscrimination protections afforded under Title IX remain in place, so rescinding the guidance will only confuse local school districts, cast a shadow over how the law should be implemented, and send the wrong signal about your federal government’s investment in protecting not only transgender kids, but all LGBTQ youth in school.

This is wrong; this is dangerous; this is unacceptable.

PFLAG has an important grassroots presence; we are on the ground in more than 400 communities across the country and can make a real difference. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Brace yourself if you are a parent of an LGBTQ child in a school environment. Remember, PFLAG is here to support you, to provide community education, and to advocate for your family.
  • Check on vulnerable youth who will hear these rumors and be scared for what it means for them. Send the absolute message that you are in their corner, that the law is still on their side, and you and PFLAG will fight for their dignity, safety and rights.
  • Connect with school administrators and remind them that Title IX is still federal law, and they have the power to not abandon the evidence-based guidance designed for the best school environment outcomes for youth.
  • Regardless of your connection to a school-age child, remember the power of your zip code, and connect with your two U.S Senators and one Representative. Tell them clearly this endangerment is not acceptable, and you expect them to prioritize the urgency of protecting the safety of vulnerable LGBTQ children. If you can, do so in person this week while they are back home near you.
  • Call your local media to share your story and attend your next school board meeting.
  • Tell your network what you are doing and why on social media using the @PFLAG handle, and hashtags #PFLAG, #TitleIX, and #DearBetsy

We need to bring visibility to this reckless endangering move, and send an unequivocal message that we will not stand to see the lives of transgender children–or any LGBTQ children–put at risk.

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