Families, Friends, & Allies Support

Families, Friends, & Allies Support

PFLAG Annapolis/Anne Arundel County supports the families, friends, and allies of both LGBTQ+ adults and children.

Families, Friends, and Allies of LGBTQ+ Adults

The PFLAG Annapolis/Anne Arundel County chapter needs to hear from you.  If you are a family member, friend, or ally of an adult LGBTQ+ person and would like support or assistance, please send a message to the Chapter using this contact form.

Families and Allies of LGBTQ+ Youth Support Meetings

While the PFLAG Annapolis/Anne Arundel County Rainbow Youth Alliance (RYA) meets, their families and allies also meet in an accepting and mutually educational environment to discuss various topics including challenges and strategies to ensure the LGBTQ+ youth in their care, experience:

    • Safe Schools
    • Appropriate Health Care
    • Welcoming Family Interactions

Contact the Chapter if you have questions.

Visit the Additional Useful Resources page for a list of other local providers to LGBTQ+ families, friends, and allies.